About Us

Brett Cates and Addie Bogart

Once upon a long drive Brett Cates and Addie Bogart were talking on the phone and brainstorming about a mutual customer from Alaska who was flying down to see them.

They thought, “Let’s make this something special! Why not have a show that focused around her and independent eyewear?” ONLY independent lines and reps (that knew how to have a good time) were allowed entry.

It was met with immediate success and encouragement from industry professionals, and accounts, so The After Party was born. We are *the* exclusive, intimate, curated, traveling independent eyewear party.

Scott Balestreri, Business Partner & Owner of Bad Ass Optical

Having successfully launched optical practices and his own lab in Richmond, CA Scott acts as our sounding board. Scott uses his excellent connections and friendships to curate the education for each show. In his spare time he collects vintage guitars and amps and is a regular volunteer with The Mindful Eyes foundation and Project Homeless Connect in San Francisco and the East Bay.

Our Culture

Addie and Brett are independent eyewear frame representatives and expert partiers.

They have a combined 40 years experience in the optical industry.

They each travel territories over 1.8 million square miles (no joke) to reach their accounts. It’s a real-life Planes, Trains and Automobiles here people.

Addie and Brett met in 2013 and became fast friends and optical siblings. Brett even officiated Addie’s wedding in November 2017, which, obviously became a three-day party.

We started as opticians and have become passionate independent frame reps. We are proud to partner with the best accounts on the planet and strive to represent our collections with integrity, having fun in everything we do.

We proudly volunteer at Project Homeless Connect events in San Francisco.